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We offer a variety of services to restore and transform your current concrete flooring into something more. From preparation, sealing, polishing for a glassy decorative finish, to acid and dyed concrete, our expert team is ready to craft the concrete floor you want.

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Concrete Polishing

A beautiful option for your concrete floor that will save you money, polished concrete is an incredible, sustainable flooring solution for your home or basement. Our diamond polished concrete service refines your current concrete floor to provide a smooth, glassy look, providing a beautiful, low-maintenance flooring solution. No additives, no coating to crack or weather, just natural strengthening and shining of the existing floor, turning your everyday concrete into a decorative concrete addition to your space.

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(H2) Surface Preparation

Resurfacing your concrete? Planning to apply a decorative finish to your current concrete floor? No matter the plan for your surface, proper surface preparation is vital. The success of your project depends upon masterful preparation. Our team will expertly clean, profile, and repair any surface defects, ensuring that your next steps for your concrete surface project will hit the mark. Start your project on the right foot. Contact our team and get your FREE estimate today. (Contact link)

Grind & Seal

A practical solution for concrete surfaces in your home or basement, our team removes any impurities or scratches on the concrete surface. We then apply a clear sealing coat to protect the surface of the concrete. This protects the flooring against staining while providing a unique look of decorative concrete to your space.


Our team is eager to help transform the concrete flooring in your home or office into something more, something sustainable, something beautiful.

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